Digital Drawing using Procreate

By the end of this Procreate course, you should be able to:

  • Create artwork using the Procreate app, employing a wide range of drawing and editing skills
  • Use the creation and selection tools
  • Use brushes and also be able to apply effects to their artwork
  • Understand the difference between raster and vectorised art
  • Know how to colour their artwork – making and using their own colour palettes and also creating them directly from photographs and how to recolour existing work
  • Understand file formats for saving and sharing their work
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of creating custom textured canvases that resemble watercolour paper.
  • Learn to create, edit and organise Brush Sets Folders.
  • Acquire the skills to download and use commercial brushes, stamps, and papers from the internet. 
  • Enhance your colour adjustment skills through various techniques.
  • Discover the methods of creating artwork with transparent backgrounds.
  • Replicate the styles of gouache and watercolour paintings using advanced techniques and a variety of brushes.
  • Master the technique of removing backgrounds from imported images.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Text options in Procreate and utilise them in creative ways.

What will be covered in this Procreate course?

Basic Interface & Getting Started

  • Outline of why Procreate is such a popular and powerful tool in the design industry
  • Introduction to the key Interface tools and preferences
  • Creating a new Canvas + Resolution and Colour Profiles
  • How to then resize if necessary
  • Understanding how size and dpi affect the number of layers available
  • Using an existing file or illustration from photographs as a starting point
  • Brush Basics and brush sensitivity
  • Quick Shapes

Starting to create a drawing

  • Introducing some shortcut gestures.
  • Drawing Guide and Symmetry
  • Layers and Blend Modes
  • Selection Tools and editing selections
  • File Formats and saving your work and ways of sharing.


  • Introduction to the Colour palettes and the ways you can create your own palette the colour panel or from a photograph
  • Different ways to recolour artwork via the colour panel
  • Creating a gesture shortcut
  • Adding colour interest through Transparency
  • Adjusting colour with the Magic Wand

Editing existing artwork and applying special effects

  • Masking to create clean edges via clipping masks and layers
  • Applying different effects to your artwork via the magic wand and selection cursor
  • Understand different ways to be creative with the tools
  • Saving work in a format for printing

Preparation for Digital Fine Art

  • Explore methods to create custom textured canvases.
  • Acquire advanced mark-making techniques.

Traditional Painting Techniques in a Digital Setting

  • Learn two methods to achieve a gouache painting style that goes beyond basic brushwork.
  • Understand the concept of colour blocking.
  • Become proficient in using the reference window.
  • Discover two methods to create watercolour effects, including the use of the Feather tool.

Correcting and Adjusting Colors with Blend Modes

  • Master the art of removing backgrounds from imported images.
  • Learn the techniques of colour balancing.
  • Gain an understanding of Curves and Gradient maps for advanced colour correction.

This course is for everyone

What to bring to class

  • iPad and an Apple pencil with Procreate downloaded. See list below for compatible iPads.
  • A pen and notepad for taking notes.

Instructor: Jehad Haddad
Duration : 5 sessions
Cost: JD 220