Edelina Joyce Issa is an Anglo-Jordanian Womenswear designer, fashion stylist, instructor and consultant.

Born and raised in Jordan, Edelina looked to pursue an education in Fashion, which she gained over six years at University in London. During her Fashion education in London, Issa worked for brands such as Mother of Pearl, George, Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Her graduate collection was showcased at Graduate Fashion Week in London 2013, the world’s leading event in representing the very best of future creative design talent within fashion around the world. GFW is where she became a finalist for the Fashion Innovation Award gaining recognition by Vogue, Glamour, and The Guardian.

Edelina was then recommended for a position at Victoria Beckham, where she worked for three years.

Upon returning to Jordan in 2016, Edelina participated in Amman Design Week 2016, showcasing three pieces inspired by the traditional thobe, and the simplicity with which it creates a versatility of shape and form. For ADW 2017 Issa mentored six non-fashion students through the professional fashion design process to create concept-inspired pieces for the Student Exhibition, and she will be returning again for ADW 2019.

Launching her eponymous RTW label ‘Edelina Joyce’ in Jordan, May 2017, Issa’s work combines a modern conceptual vision, with a minimal classic design aesthetic.

Along with running her fashion line, Edelina works as Head of Creative & Fashion at Farras Oran Studios; and teaches Fashion Design, Sewing and Pattern Cutting at the Design Institute Amman and is a returning Fashion mentor for Amman Design Week and Dezain Space.