This summer program is specially designed for teens (ages 13 - 18) who are interested in, and looking to pursue an education in design. Students can choose one or more of the following workshops:

This course is designed for teens that are curious about Interior design and decoration. Students will learn how to differentiate between decorating a space and designing a space to become functional and aesthetic. Students will learn basic design principles & elements, Space planning basics, Lighting, Colour, Surface treatments.

Requirements: Pencils, pens, colours, eraser, butter paper, ruler and masking tape.
Instructor: Areej Al-Khatib
Price: JOD 150

In this 3 day workshop, each day will be exploring different mediums and create a new artwork that participant can take it with them, also the basics of art creations like color theory, composition and perspectives etc

Requirements: To be announced

Instructor: Maha Hindi

Price: JOD 80

In this workshop you will be learning the basics of designing and creating an artwork, then scaling it up to bigger medium, and all the techniques that comes along with the process.

Requirements: To be announced

Instructor: Maha Hindi

Price: JOD 100

This course is designed for teens that are curious about Graphic design. Students will learn the basics of graphic design, and the use of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Requirements: Laptops with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop installed
Instructor: Farah Shami
Price: JOD 150

Our summer teen Photography workshop is a comprehensive creative course that engages young photographers to fully understand their camera.

Students will use composition principles to strengthen images and acquire a photographic vision and awareness to the quality of light. 

Requirements: Digital camera
Instructor: Husam Dana
Price: JOD 80

In this 3 day workshop students will experiment with a new medium, resin, to create various pieces. Students will use moulds and wood to create their own products like rings and coasters.

Requirements: Provided by DIA
Instructor: Dana Ghoul
Price: JOD 120

This workshop will teach students how to create artwork using Procreate app, employing a wide range of drawing and editing skills


  •  An iPad with an Apple pencil
  •  Procreate app downloaded on Ipad
  • A pen and notepad for taking notes

    Instructor: Jehad Haddad
    Price: JOD 100

The Fashion illustration course will teach students the basics of sketching on paper, drawing and coloring the fashion female model body and postures.

Requirements: Drawing pad, pencils, colored pencils
Instructor: Jehad Haddad
Price: JOD 100

The aim of this course is to give those interested in fashion design an introductory look into the design process, which will result in the design development of their own capsule collection, and the creation of their own textile surface designs.By the end of the course students will have gained a brief insight into the fashion design process, creating a capsule collection of designs, mood boards, basic machine and surface decoration techniques such as stitching, seaming, pressing and appliqué/reverse appliqué methods.


Requirements: Fabric (Muslin/Khaam and TBC), A3 layout sketchbook, notebook, ruler (minimum 30cm)
Drawing tools: coloured pencils, markers, fine liners (black, colour, skin tone).
Instructor: Edelina Joyce
Price: JOD 150

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