The aim of this course is to lead those interested in fashion design through a process which will result in the design development of their own capsule collection. The skills required to obtain this goal through practical tasks will involve, thematic research, exploration of silhouette, color, details and the principles of two & three dimensional design required of the designer seeking their own individual style.

As part of the course participants will experiment and present upon their research and observations in order to build a sketchbook and design portfolio. Additional techniques in the course will include: research analysis, concept formation, historical fashion eras, designer awareness, customer profiling, market research, drawing, designing, fabric understanding, 3D design on a mannequin, drape principles, media techniques, and fashion illustration; as well as visual and verbal presentation.

Objective: To learn the fundamentals of Fashion design by creating fashion.

Materials required by students: A3 layout sketchbook، Drawing tools: Pencils, colored pencils, markers, fineliners (black, color & skin tone). Some mixed media of your choice: charcoal, chalk, wax crayons, paint, eraser, glue stick, paper scissors, digital camera/phone camera. Inspiration: Books, objects, images, Laptop (optional).

Instructor: Edelina Joyce
Duration : 10 sessions
Cost: JD 300


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