Jewellery design is the art of designing jewellery using drawing and sketching techniques. This course is aimed to teach drawing skills as the basics to becoming a jewellery designer. This course is aimed to teach drawing skills as the basics to becoming a jewellery designer. The learning of these skills is considered essential in order to develop creativity in laying the foundations of a proper design approach.

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This course is aimed to teach technical drawing where students will learn the elements of pure geometry using the orthogonal projections method, and the axonometric (perspective) method representing a jewellery piece with the exact shape and size. 

This course is a prerequisite for all computer aided design courses.

Requirements: No prior knowledge needed.

This introductory course to Jewellery Design is aimed for those who have a limited or no knowledge of jewellery design. The course objective is to teach students to represent the idea of a jewellery piece through sketching and pencil drawing. 

After acquiring the basic skills of technical drawing and the ability to represent jewellery pieces, students will learn to freehand sketch jewellery pieces as well as adding colour to their final work.

In this course, students will learn advanced sketching and colouring techniques using watercolour pencils. 

The program provides an adequate understanding of the representation of graphic languages by:
1. Sketching
2. Descriptive geometry
3. Mixed illustration techniques

Requirements: Jewellery Design I is advised.


This course will include the study of the individual components of a jewellery piece and analysis of issues related to designing a jewellery collection. Students will also be trained in real-life situations; how to deal with customers from creating a design to its final presentation.

The ultimate goal is to design an object with elaborate graphics that allow the analysis of form and function before moving on to the final process. 

Requirements: Jewellery Design II


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