This Jewellery making program is addressed to all creatives that have an interest in learning and understanding the world of jewellery.

Methods: Lectures and hands on lab practice.
Requirements: Participants are required to purchase a basic Jeweller's kit and drawing materials. More information will be sent upon registration.
Objective:To learn the fundamentals of Jewellery making by designing and creating jewellery pieces

Students will learn how to make a pendant, a ring and earrings by cutting shapes, piercing, soldering, polishing, bending metal, pulling wire and making a bezel to set a stone for a ring.

Students will learn advanced jewellery techniques like riveting, advanced soldering and constructing various complicated silver shapes like spheres and tubes to achieve a higher standard of craftsmanship.


Wax carving is a versatile technique that can be used in jewellery, sculpture, or any field involving 3D forms. The reason makers use wax is because it’s easy to shape, form and carve.

In this course students will learn how to make a wax ring and pendant. Students will draw, cut, file and sculpt on wax, and will also learn how to mend & connect wax together.

Materials to be used

– wax tube
– wax block
– wax wire
– various wax tools