Pattern cutting 2D & 3D

The basic techniques of two-dimensional flat pattern cutting. Students will learn the fundamentals of flat pattern making for creating three-dimensional shapes by learning pattern cutting methods, terminology, drafting a block, altering patterns, as well as cut and construction methods.This course will also introduce students to the fundamentals of creating a pattern from a three-dimensional drape. Often referred to as the reverse method, draping on the mannequin allows the designer to see the effect of gravity on the fabric and see a design come to life before producing the actual garment.

Students will drape fabric onto a mannequin, and learn various methods and techniques to transfer the draped design onto paper in order to create a pattern.

Materials required by students: Dressmaking pins, French curves / pattern masters/ set squares, Small sharp scissors, Paper scissors, Fabric shears, Pencils, Erasers, Rulers (30cm minimum), Tape measures, Magic scotch tape, Glue stick, Fineliner marker pens (red, blue, green, black), Inspiration: books, objects or images, Calico fabric (muslin/خام) [meterage]


Instructor: Edelina Joyce
Duration : 9 sessions
Cost: JD 450

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