In this sewing course, students will be introduced to basic machine and hand sewing techniques, while gaining confidence in the essentials of seam and garment construction. Students will become familiar with general fabric knowledge, sewing equipment, sewing terms, how to use specialised machinery, as well as a range of machine and hand sewing techniques for professional garment finishing. These techniques include stitching, seaming, pressing and other garment finishing skills for desired market standards. By the end of the course students will have produced a technical file with a range of sewing samples using these skills and techniques to refer to in the future. As a final project, students will construct a dress.

Materials required by students: Tape measures, Pencils, eraser, sharpener, Small sharp Scissors, Paper Scissors, Fabric Shears, Ruler (minimum 30cm), Notebook, Lever arch file, A4 plastic sleeves, Sticky labels, To purchase 3 metres of calico fabric (muslin/خام)

Methods: Lectures and hands on practice.

Objective: To learn the fundamentals of sewing. 

Instructor: Edelina Joyce
Duration : 6 sessions
Cost: JD 260 

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